Doavttergrádat čadnon SÁNAGii

  • Astrid Eriksen

    Gender based violence, ethnicity and health. A sub-project in SAMINOR II

  • Bals, Margrethe

    Risk and protective factors associated with internalizing symptoms in Sami and non-Sami adolescents in Arctic Norway

  • Javo, Cecilie

    Child-rearing and child behavior problems in a Sami population. A cross-cultural study of families with pre-school children

  • Møllersen, Snefrid

    Mental health services and treatment in Sami and non-Sami populations. A comparative study in a multiethnic rural area of Northern Norway

  • Silviken, Anne Cathrine

    Suicidal behavior among indigenous Sami in Arctic Norway – A special focus on adolescents and young adults

  • Spein, Anne Rita

    Substance use behavior among etnic diverse young people in North Norway in the 1990s. "The North Norwegian Youth Study": A cross-cultural longitudinal study comparing smoking and drinking rates and patterns among young indigenous Sami and n...

  • Turi, Anne Lene

    Internalizing symptoms and health service use in indigenous Sami and non-indigenous adolescents in Arctic Norway