Inger Marit Eira-Åhrén

Dutkan- ja fágaartihkkalat

Inger Marit Eira-Åhrén ovddeš bargi. Son barggai Našunála bargojoavkkus Snoasas. Dan botta go barggai čálii son veahkkin čuovvovaš artihkkalii:

  • Møllersen, Snefrid; Eira-Åhren, Inger Marit; Stordahl, Vigdis; Tørres, Grete.(2013)"Everyday life of reindeer herding. Developing a study to investigate factors that may affect mental health in the Sámi reindeer herder population of Norway". International Journal of Circumpolar Health 2013 ; Volume 72. Suppl. 1 p. 998-999 HFI
  • Stordahl, vigdis; Tørres, Grete; Møllersen, Snefrid; Eira-Åhren, Inger Marit. (2013) "Sami health research in Norway: is there a need for indigenous sensitive ethical guidelines?". International Journal of Circumpolar Health 2013 ;Volume 72:22447. Suppl. 1 p. 1000-1001HFI
  • Stordahl, V., Tørres, G., Møllersen, S., Eira-Århren, I. M. (2015)" Ethical guidelines for Sami research: the issue that disappeared from the Norwegian Sami Parliament's agenda?" International Journal of Circumpolar Health 2015. Volum 74.